Tuesday, October 30, 2007

OK-I think I'm getting caught up! These were a couple I took of Sydney today. I didn't like the way her shirt was falling or the funny way her arms looked but I loved the look on her face and the way the sun was outlining her hair. Can you believe those lips? No color saturation done on those. They are naturally bright red. :)

Here are a couple from our trick-or-treat day!

I have enrolled in school this past semester and hope to receive my photography degree in a few years. I am taking the first photography course and, unfortunately, we have to shoot slide film. I miss not being able to download my pictures and share right away. Here are a few I had scanned so I could post online. I am really disappointed in the scanning of most of my pictures. Some of them look great on slides-but not so good when scanned. I can't wait until we can start working with digital. :)